Feel Like You’re Treading Water? Do Just ONE Thing To Move Forward In Your Online Biz

Do you feel frustrated with your online business and wonder if it is all worth it?

Everyone around you seems to be more successful, faster, braver, and sleeker and you feel worn out thinking about what to do next?

My tip for you is to stop focusing on where you are NOT going, and start setting crazy big goals for yourself.

Sound counterproductive?

Well maybe not.

Last month, after completing a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that I’d set a year ago, I was reflecting on the powerful lessons I learnt and realised that these lessons directly influence how I run my online business.

One goal – three powerful lessons…

Lesson 1: Set a goal so big and audacious that it scares and excites you at the same time

online biz setting goalsWhen I came out of hospital last summer after two lots of surgery, I knew I had to set myself a ridiculously high goal. I was on crutches and bed rest for 8 weeks, (probably high on painkillers at the time) and decided then, I was going to get fitter than I’d ever been before. A Triathlon would do it.

Over the next 10 months I was told to be ‘realistic’, ‘take it easy’, ‘don’t do anything stupid’.

But instead of heeding that advice I kept training, heading towards my goal, (somewhat stubbornly).

If I’d listened to what others said, I would not have achieved the level of fitness I am in today. But I only managed it because I’d set the goal.

Set your goals high. Ridiculously high and you’ll always achieve great things


Lesson 2: Play with the pros’ but don’t compare yourself to them

As it turns out the sprint triathlon I signed up for in my home town is one that professional triathletes use as a little ‘warm-up’ training event eck! Thankfully I knew this before the event and so when I set myself a time completion goal it was based on MY training times (not their past performances).

The point is, I stretched myself beyond what I ever though possible by deciding to compete in this event – I knew I was playing with the pro’s but I wasn’t going to be disappointed if I didn’t achieve a time that they would be happy with.

I came in almost last for my category.

But I completed it 10 minutes faster than my personal best, with no injuries and with no stopping, I was over the moon to have swum 500m, cycled 40k and ran 5k in under 2 ½ hours.

Play with the best, but be grateful for your own achievements -which probably wouldn’t be so great if it were not for them.


Lesson 3: A support network is vital for success

online business goals team workI had an awesome and experienced training partner. He showed me the course, he waited for me on those long cold training rides in the dark early months, he told me about every single detail of the event day, he encouraged and supported me and without that I would have not achieved this goal.

I was nervous and scared at the start of the event, but four amazing women put me at ease and encouraged me as we stepped into the cold lake Zug in the pouring rain – when the end line seemed so far away.

They upped my spirits, pumped my adrenaline and gave me the braveness to start positively when the gun fired.

Seek out the ones that will encourage and support you, and that understand your goals and your need for achieving them.