How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers In Under An Hour Per Week

Doesn’t it feel great to achieve your goals?  Last week I hit a mini- goal that I had set for my business three months ago. The goal was at the time, a stretch, and I had no idea I would achieve the results so quickly.  So imagine my joy when I discovered that I had hit my target in just 94 days!  

The goal? 

To get 600 followers on Pinterest.

On December 1st I had  32 followers (see what I mean when I said it was a stretch?) and now, 94 days later I have over 600 followers:


Why would you want followers on Pinterest?

Firstly you should know that this has taken me less than 3 hours per month to achieve:

How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers In Under An Hour Per Week

Here’s a screen shot from my RescueTime records above.  What you can see from this data is that I have been consistent in my pinning and this is definitely something that has contributed to my success.

But firstly – why?

Did you know the number of Pinterest users has doubled in the past 18 months?

There are now 100 million users on Pinterest and it is the 3rd most popular social network in the US.

But more important to me are who the users are.

  • 82% of them are female.
  • They are 10% more likely to buy than visitors from other social sites.
  • They spend 100% more money than average internet users!

And look at this… are the top types of content on Pinterest:


And, the conversion rates on Pinterest are much higher than any other social site:



How did I do it?

This was an experiment for me.  I wanted to find out how to get the most out of this marketing channel.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

So I’ve been quietly pinning and steadily growing my following.

I have spent no money on advertising (because there is no advertising platform for Pinterest outside of the US right now).

I have spent just 45 minutes per week pinning.

My following has grown by +568 in just 94 days.

It’s still an experiment as I continue to learn lots about Pinterest.   But I can guarantee that you too can get results like this if you invest a little time to learn how it works.

For example, did you know that it is essentially a visual search engine and that all the basics of SEO good practice will apply on Pinterest too?

Before I started pinning I spent a week doing a short but detailed video course.  It taught me everything I needed to know about Pinterest for business and showed me how to implement all the crucial elements of a brilliant Pinterest account.  And the results speak for themselves :0)

This small investment will continue to serve me as I carry on growing my account and get leads and sales from Pinterest.  What I learnt in that course in a week, continues to reap the rewards as my account grows and grows. 

My next goal? 

To reach 3,000 followers by the end of 2016 eck!  

Are you with me?  Lets share the Pinterest love, start pinning with me here 

Or if you want to take action right now and get learning here’s a link to the brilliant video course I did.  (And by the way this is an affiliate link, because without this course I would still have 32 followers on Pinterest.  If you know your audience is on Pinterest, this course will help you to get serious growth in under one hour per week – I thoroughly recommend it!)

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