Ready to stop procrastinating, and start progressing? 


You’re passionate about your online business, love the flexibility it gives you, but feel stuck.

You’ve tried social media and marketing online but still no-one knows about you.

You’re overwhelmed and exhausted, trying to figure out where all your customers are and juggling family life. 

I created this mentoring programme just for you.

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I know how it feels to be frustrated, to be pulled in so many directions that your head hurts!

Early on in my business I found a mentor and thought that would solve all my problems.  I made quick progress, in a fairly short period of time.

But one thing I still struggled with, was finding a balance.

My business became a burden. I worked late into the night. I got up before my family awoke so that I could keep up with the weekly calls and tasks my mentor set me. And yes I made progress. It was intense (and expensive).

And it took me a long time to admit that my family suffered. Thousands of dollars later I realised it was not sustainable for me.

I have two young boys. I want to spend time helping with homework, playing and eating with them. But I wanted to progress my online business and blog too.

I created this new mentoring program to give you focus, guidance and progression. If you want to progress and balance your business and family lifethis is for you.

If you’re feeling stuck on things like:

  • Defining your offer
  • Capturing email addresses
  • Figuring out what to blog about
  • Where to find and connect with dream customers
  • Which social media platform to focus on
  • SEO! How to get to the top of Google
  • Building an active engaged Facebook group
  • Getting to grips with Facebook ads
  • How to get more engaged followers on Instagram
  • How to get traffic from Pinterest
  • How to start advertising on Pinterest
  • How to set up a sales funnel
  • Writing an autoresponder sequence of emails

Here’s how it works:

 Once a month we will have a 90-minute Skype call

 I will help you determine exactly what to do next

 The session will be recorded so you can review it later

 I’ll give you 3 specific tasks to prepare for the next week

 I will follow up with you on email each week to check your progress and make sure you’re on track


You’ll have VIP inbox access to me for questions and advice on email at any time.

You can join for as long as it takes to reach your specific goal.

We’ll identify your number one goal right away.  Then we’ll create a roadmap to help you reach that goal. I’ll make sure you are completely focused on that one goal – so it could be one or two months, could be six months or longer…’s your call.




Investment is $600 per month.

Book my FREE 20-minute kick-off call now 

Why I can help you:

18 months ago I had a tiny email list, 32 Pinterest followers, no Instagram account and virtually no traffic to my website. 

I knew how to do online marketing for global corporations (spending millions of dollars), but I had not yet done it myself.  (Most social media agencies and consultants never attempt to do social media themselves.)

I now have a clear offering, other bloggers stealing my best blog posts (gulp), I have regular engaged readers from Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Facebook and my best blog content has been shared over 8,500 times on social media.

In less than 9 months I’ve grown my Instagram account to over 2k active engaged followers, got my posts onto the ‘top posts’ for my chosen hashtags (no mean feat!) and been approached for partnerships and collaborations that would never have come my way otherwise.

I’ve grown my Pinterest account to over 2k followers and created a funnel that gets me 20+ email signups via Pinterest every single day (with zero effort, whilst I sleep).

I’ve launched Facebook ads that get more comments, shares and sales (with an ROI of over 200%) that most online marketing ‘gurus’ can even dream of. 

And I created content that get ranked #1 on Google and delivers new customers to me every single month.

fiona instagram

fiona on google

Frequently Asked Questions:

 I want to move fast, this business gets 100% of my attention and I want fast results, would it work for me?

Let me say this up front so we’re clear. This is not for you if you want overnight success. This programme is designed to fit into your busy schedule and will help you progress consistently, one step at a time towards your goals. It won’t make you an insta-star overnight.  If you want to work fast though, check out my weekly mentoring programme instead.


Am I committing for any length of time?

No – you can join for just one month or for many – it’s a flexible plan to suit different goals.


Do you guarantee results?

No one can guarantee results but if you do the work you will see results.


How many spots are available?

I’m opening 5 spots on this programme. Once they are gone the price will go up to $800


Do you have a set formula for everyone?

I have a system and a structure, but the help I give you is personalised and bespoke for your exact situation. Because I’ve been in this industry for a long time I know what works and I also know that everyone had different strengths. We’ll play to your strengths so that you get results and enjoy the journey!


I’m drowning in work and can’t afford the time

I’ll help you prioritse and focus so you don’t end up trying to do everything. I’ve helped clients find VAs to help with certain tasks to free up their time to do the important work. But importantly this programme is designed to fit into your busy month.


I can’t afford an experienced mentor right now

Guess what, I’ve built a program that is affordable and fits into the limited time you have. The most expensive advice is the advice you don’t take, and if you try to do it on your own, figuring it out as you go along, you’ll waste more time and end up frustrated. It’s a form of procrastination ;0)


How do I know it will work?

You’ll get results if you do the work. It won’t happen overnight. But we’ll be taking small steps consistently and making continuous improvements that will over time transform your marketing.  And don’t worry I’ll have your back, I’ll be there to hold your hand and follow up on the priority tasks so that you will achieve the goals we set.


I’m so stuck I don’t know what I need to do!

To kick off I will help you set your goals. We’ll talk strategy and develop a roadmap if that’s what you’re struggling with. Then I’ll help you to implement the actions that will get you momentum.


Ready to stop procrastinating, and start progressing?

 Investment is $600 per month

Book my FREE 20-minute kick-off call now 


Here’s what happens next:

You’ll be taken to a secure scheduling page where you will book in your 20-minute kick-off call which we’ll do on Skype.  Once we’re both happy and agree to work together you’ll be able to pay via PayPal or invoice and then I’ll send you the pre-work assignment so that we can be super prepared before we have our first session.