Facebook Ads Mastery 






30 days to list growth with Facebook ads

You can easily waste thousands of dollars (not to mention hundreds of hours) testing different ads on Facebook before you discover what works. There’s even a chance you’ll never find that winning ad – causing your list to flatline and your confidence to plunge.

Has this already happened to you? Or are you scared it might?

It’s frustrating…

You know your target market is out there on Facebook – and that they’d love to see how you can help them, if given the chance. But it’s hard to figure out which advert will capture their attention.



FACEBOOK ADS MASTERY is here to help! Within 30 days you’ll have a complete Facebook advertising campaign up and running, tested, optimised, and delivering relevant visitors to your website (and addresses to your email list). What’s more, I’ll do it all for you while teaching you how to do it yourself in future!


What you’ll get:


A complete Facebook advertising campaign up and running, and sending highly relevant visitors to your website. Within 30 days!



Detailed notes, explanations and tutorials on everything we work through together, so that you can do it for yourself next time. (Yup: I’m putting myself out of a job!)


Time and money saved, and an end to all that frustration you’ve been feeling.



Is this package right for you?

In order for you to get the most out of this service, you’ll need to have a few things in place before you book this package with me: 

 An established online business, with a website/landing page and method for collecting email addresses.

 A service or digital product that you sell from your website/landing page.

 A sign-up incentive (“opt-in freebie”) to offer visitors in return for their email address.

 A Facebook business page already up and running, and a commitment to spend at least $500 on adverts.


How it works:

We’ll start with a FREE 20-minute online assessment kick-off call, where we can check that we’re a good match for each other.

After that, we’ll schedule four 60-minute Skype sessions to cover the following:

Session 1: Review your content and current funnel

I’ll critique your proposed opt-in freebie, and give pointers (if necessary) on how it can be improved. I’ll also examine your system for capturing leads – your “funnel” – to make sure it’s up to the job. Then I”ll review your landing pages and advise you on how to optimise them to get the best conversions from Facebook traffic.

Session 2: Focus on targeting

We’ll find your ideal customers on Facebook using Audience Insights and the Power Editor. I’ll show you how to implement the Facebook tracking pixel, and I’ll teach you how to use advanced retargeting techniques. We’ll also create up to ten different audience segments for testing the ads.

Session 3: Create the adverts

A big week! I’ll start by showing you how to design high-converting Facebook ads that have click-worthy copy and images. Together we’ll create two complete adverts to test.

Then I’ll dive into your Facebook account and make the magic happen – showing you what I’m doing every step of the way. I might tweak the ads slightly, and then I’ll set up various ad combinations to test (two different ads tested with ten potential audience segments). I’ll then schedule the campaigns for you, and schedule them to go live a few days before our final Skype session.

Session 4: Optimise for best results (plus handover so you can keep going)

You’ll learn exactly what has worked and what hasn’t, which adverts to pause and which ones to run. I’ll show you advanced techniques for scaling your ads without compromising on your cost per conversion/click. And I’ll explain how to properly understand your conversion report – so that you can maximise your spend and get signups from the very best potential customers.



Can you trust me?


I’ve spent the past decade learning the ins and outs of Facebook advertising to mums. I know how to reach them.

Your target market might be stay-at-homers, or working mums, or parents of children with special needs, or homeschool affectionados, or something else entirely. I’ve worked on Facebook campaigns for all these markets and more, and I know what gets results.  

Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent over $54,500 on Facebook advertising on behalf of my clients. I’ve also been responsible for (and spent) over $14 million in online marketing since 2008. As for results: I’ve achieved website clicks for just $0.14, video clicks for $0.01 and website conversions (email addresses) for $0.69.


So yes… I can be trusted ;0)

Facebook Ads Mastery
Facebook Ads Mastery
Facebook Ads Mastery


Ready to get started?

 Investment is $2,000.


Book my FREE 20-minute kick-off call here


Once we’ve checked we’re a good match for each other (and you’re happy to work with me), we’ll schedule four further 60-minute Skype sessions.