“Aren’t they all just on Facebook?

That’s the #1 response I hear when I tell people what I do.



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 In the past, I’d try explaining why that’s definitely not the case. I’d get into lengthy rants about how “mums aren’t just sitting there, eager to click on any ad featuring an adorable kid or a crayon, you know”.

I’d point out that not all mums use the internet in the exact same way – and I’d give examples of the costly mistakes made by companies in assuming that they do.

But after a while, I decided to keep my mouth shut. Why bother trying to convince those people? I can just spend my time working with the ones who already know all this.  People like you.

You’ll know that the mums you want to reach aren’t just “on the internet”. And you’ll know that you can’t just blast off a Facebook ad towards a couple of interest groups and expect business to take off.


If you run a business aimed at mums, you’ll know from experience that online marketing isn’t that simple.

Want a surefire way to waste time and money?

This is what many of your competitors do: they create a bunch of ads based on “instinct”, then they spend their entire marketing budget on getting those ads in front of people. They barely give any thought to who their target customers are, which platforms those people are using, or what types of messaging appeal to them.

The result? A slow and depressing realisation that after all that money and effort, they have nothing to show for it. No more brand awareness, no new customers, and no one talking about them online.

It drives me crazy, because… argh! So. much. waste!

But you’re here, reading this – so I know you know this isn’t the best approach to paid online marketing. You know there’s more to it than that.



If you want to get noticed and be bought, you need a strategy.

And that’s where I come in.

I’m all about the strategy – from the time you decide you want to move beyond “organic” traffic, right through to making the sale on your website.

I don’t want to even think about the platform or advert until I know more about your target customers. And I don’t want to know about your target customers until I know more about you.

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Once people click through to your website or sales page, we then need to make sure they understand what you’re offering and why they need you, so that they take the next step – whether that’s buying your product, making an enquiry, signing up to your list, or downloading a free sample.

It’s about researching, testing, tweaking, adjusting and analysing.

But it’s also about creating an authentic, emotional connection.

It’s about understanding the people who’ll read your adverts, so that they feel like you get them and appreciate their needs.

This is what it takes to successfully market a product to mums. It may not be easy, but boy is it fulfilling!


You know those kids who become social media consultants because they enjoy posting selfies on Instagram? That’s not me.

Before setting up on my own, I spent over 15 years working for high-profile global businesses in digital media and consumer marketing – businesses like Disney, Penguin Publishing and EMAP.

I’ve headed up huge SEO and PPC strategies for a wide variety of campaigns, including Toy Story, Disney Store UK and BBC Good Food. I’ve been responsible for growing online traffic and registrations for large-scale websites including theschoolrun.com, ukfamily.co.uk and raisingkids.co.uk. And I’ve been in charge of annual $5+ million advertising budgets for corporations including Disney and Bauer Media, where I built and tested countless sales funnels online.

My employers held me accountable at every stage. And today I’m accountable to you.