Why I’m firing my followers (and you should too)

Meet a friend of mine, Achmed.  He’s 22, loves Instagram, works hard and promises he can help me make passive income while I sleep.

Then there’s my friend Kat, she’s got 13k followers on Instagram. She’s beautiful, lives in Costa Rica, sips cocktails by night and relaxes by the pool by day. She knows the secret formula for making millions $$$ online whilst relaxing on the beach. She’s confident she can show me how.

A couple of my other friends like to take selfies, live in Mumbai and party all day long. They have got thousands of followers on Instagram and want to help me too with this special software they sell.

I meet lots of people like Achmed and Kat at least 3 or 4 times every day because they follow me on Instagram.

Increase Engagement on Social Media

And I’ve got a new strategy to deal with them.

Actually, these are just a few of the suspect characters we find hanging out on social media these days.  They’re in the minority, but if you’ve been on Instagram for more than a couple months you’ll also have come across them.

They are also the ones who comment on your posts every day “smiley, smiley” or “you’re awesome!” or “hey love, check out my profile we should connect!”

Ever feel exasperated when yet another of these spammy accounts follows you on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook?

You know they’re not interested in your business.

They won’t engage with your posts. They’ll never talk to you (other than posting auto bot spam comments) and they’re of no value to your page or business.

So here’s how you can deal with it.

  • Click on their profile

  • Tap on the three little dots in the top right-hand corner

  • Then click the option to ‘Block’

Increase Engagement on Social Media

Now they won’t be a follower, they won’t see your posts and can’t engage with your page. 

This might mean your follower number dips for a while. 

But what it does, that’s mega-important, is increase the ratio of engagement on your feed. Which tells Instagram your posts are interesting, and this means the algorithm will show your posts to more people, so you get even more interaction on your feed…

It’s also building relationships.   

And this is the secret to success on any social network.   

Far more important than the number of followers.

See those accounts with gazillions of followers, and just a few likes on each post. Well, guess what?  They probably won’t be around for long.   

So don’t ever get hung up on those numbers, let’s get our heads down, do the work and build the relationships with real people.

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