How To Find The Right Time To Promote Your Offer

Do you ever wonder when is the right time to start promoting your offer?

I’m sure you know the obvious seasonal ones.  Like Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas…

But if you have something that is related to a more specific time for your audience, you want to make sure you ride the online tide.  It’s a competitive world out there after all.

Even if your product or service is not seasonal as such, when planning your content it helps to be topical.

When you write about what your audience has on their minds right now, you’ll be instantly relevant.

Instantly hot news.

Plus, you’ll be more likely to capture the interest of more people who are actively seeking your help.

And there’s a tool that will tell you the exact right time to plan all your topics for the year.

It’s free and super simple to use (I’ve been using it for almost a decade!)

Google Trends.

Its sometimes known as ‘Hot Trends’ as it’s the same place you can find the latest trending searches by different country.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Let me show you how you can use Google Trends to find out exactly when to promote your content and offer.

Lets assume you’re a parenting coach and are planning an article on school bullying.  By putting the keyword ‘school bullying’ into Google Trends you can see a surprising result.

I’ve used the UK and looked at the last 3 years:

how to find the right time to promote your offer

So this suggests that you’d write and publish your helpful and supportive article on ‘school bullying’ in September or October and be ready to promote it in the peek time of November.

Here’s another example lets say you are an online meal prep service for busy working mums of toddlers who want to lose the baby bulge.

Your target keyword is ‘meal prep recipes’.

Tap this into Google Trends and what do you find out?

google trends

Three years of data tells us that January is undisputedly the time busy-moms are thinking about getting organized with their family meal planning.

Not a major surprise.

But look at that chart….showing massive growth in the last two years – that’s a big opportunity keyword.

Just imagine what you might end up finding out once you start delving into the Pandora’s box of Google Trends!

And once you’ve found out precisely when to promote your offer, read this to find out how to get more sales on autopilot.  This is the minimalist’s guide to scaling your sales funnel and getting relevant traffic to your promotion.