How To Believe You’re Worthy


I watched a Ted talk three times last week.

How many TED talks have you watched more than once?  My guess is not many.

So you can imagine this talk really got to me.

Because the essence of what Brene Brown talks about in The Power Of Vulnerability  has the strength to change your business.

It’s not a new talk, but this week when I watched it I found I understood Brene’s lessons deeply.  As a mum and as a business owner.

Connection is why we’re here.  It gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Which is true of business right?

If your business isn’t clear on its purpose or meaning, or has no defined ‘why’, then you’ll struggle to relate to your audience.

Do you feel connected to your tribe?  Do you reach out to them consistently and share your value?  Do you inspire them?

If you had your dream customers in a room together, would you love talking with them, share stories and laugh?  This is why we do what we do.

Whether your business is here to help busy mums support their kids, or your purpose is to empower mums with inspiring coaching, or you create beautiful products to enlighten a stressed-out mum, if you’re authentic and real, you’ll be making connections.

And when we make connections we feel worthy.

Brene goes on to apply this to bringing up children.  She says:

Say to your kids -You’re worthy of love and belonging.  Bring them up to believe as you do… that “I’m enough.”

This absorbing TED talk made me appreciate certain steps that I’ve taken in my business recently.  I want to share these with you. I know you love practical tips and tools and so here are 3 business tips to help you move towards believing you’re worthy:


#Invest in your brand

At the beginning of the year I invested in myself and my brand by working with a brand designer.  She helped me by creating visual assets and branding that I could feel proud of and were authentic to me.

Since working with her I’ve shared my content across 5 platforms. I’ve generated over 186,000 impressions for my Sales Funnels 101 blog series.

I would never have done that if I hadn’t felt proud of my work and believed it was worthy.


#Invest in your content

When you run an online business your content is what builds connections with your audience.  Whether it’s visuals, words or video, these will make a first impression.  That first impression should resonate and embody your values and beliefs.

Recently I’ve focused on learning how to write great content.  I’ve never been a copywriter (and will never be a pro) but the more I practice and learn from the experts the better I get.  I’m now confident enough to help people through my blog posts, and I’m proud of the results people get from reading my content.

How can you strengthen your content?

When you find what you love doing most, learn to perfect it.  Your audience will connect with you deeply when you create authentic content and you’ll believe wholeheartedly in what you produce.


#Find Support

Finally, this takes us back to Brene’s overarching message:

Connection is why we’re here.  It gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Just as it’s important to connect with your audience, it’s also powerful to connect with your peers and mentors.

This third tip has enabled me to push out of my comfort zone and to enjoy the journey.  Being a mum with an online business can be lonely at times.  But being in a mastermind and having a mentor as a guiding light and support system has allowed me to maintain my drive and belief in what I do.

Find your support system, connect with your audience and be authentic in your business purpose.  You are worthy.

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